2.5. Working with Disk Images

2.5.1. Checking Disk Image for consistency

Checking of disk image consistency is needed when you are not sure whether disk image is safe or not to be recovered. For example some chunks are missing in configuration file, or bad clusters were recently detected on the drive where disk image is located. This could affect future recoverability of disk image, so it is recommended to perform this procedure when you are not sure of image condition.

To check disk image for consistency:

  • Start disk image software Active@ Disk Image
  • Go to top menu [F9] then menu Image - Check Image. Or press [Ctrl]+[C]
  • Load image configuration file (*.dim) or compose image from chunks the same way as it was explained in Disk Image Restoration section
  • Press [OK] in Compose Image dialog to initiate a check process
  • See progress and checking result. You can stop a process any time by pressing [ESC].
Disk Image Compose Image dialog
  • Position a marker to logical drive ( Image (1:) in the example above) and press [ENTER] to scan a disk image for files and folders
  • Use arrows, [ENTER] and [TAB] keys to go through the folders tree until you find file or folder you want to copy from the image to another location:
Disk Image Compose Image dialog
  • Press [Ctrl]+[C] to invoke destination location dialog for the files and folders to be copied.
  • Choose destination location and press [ENTER] to start copying progress.