1. Product Overview

1.4 Menu Commands

While in the main program window, press [F9] in order to enter the main menu.

Menu Command Description
File File | Refresh Devices Refresh list of devices and disks. Might be useful after opening a disk image (though the device list will be refreshed automatically) or after changing a diskette in the floppy drive
  File | Save Hardware Info Save information about all devices and disks presented in the system into a text file (testfile.dat by default). Use this command to make an info file before contacting technical support in case of any problems
  File | Save Log Save an activity log into a text file
  File | Exit Exit the program
View View | Activity Log View an activity log in a new window. Press [ESC] to close the log window and return to the main window
  View | Sectors in Hex Viewer View contents of a selected disk in the Hex Viewer. Press [ESC] to close the Hex Viewer window and return to the main window
  View | Drive Scan Show the contents (files and folders) of the selected disk (partition)
Image Image | Create Raw Image See section Disk Image Creation
  Image | Create Data Image See section Disk Image Creation
  Image | Open Image Open a disk image and add it to the list of devices. You can view the contents of the opened image and view/copy selected files from the image.
  Image | Check Image See section Checking Disk Image for consistency
  Image | Restore Image See section Disk Image restoration