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Clone Disk Wizard

The Clone Disk Wizard steps you through the process of transferring data from one disk or partition to another by making an exact, sector-by-sector copy of the original. During the cloning process, a disk image file is not created.

You may use the Clone Disk Wizard to make a copy of the same configuration from one hard drive onto a multiple of other hard drives. For example, you may duplicate a hard drive configuration over to several workstations on a network. If you are trying to recover data from a damaged hard drive or partition, you may clone the damaged partition to a number of other hard drives in order to experiment with different data recovery techniques on the copy rather than on the original.

To open the Clone Disk Wizard, do one of the following:

Follow instructions on the wizard screens. In each case, click Next to move to the next screen.

After the operation is complete, click Finish to close the dialog box.

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