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Saving Hardware Information

When you are performing maintenance on a hard disk or if you are repairing or recovering lost or damaged data on a disk, you might want to record technical information about the disk before making changes. This information may be helpful if you need to remember the original configuration when restoring data after a system crash or when contacting technical support.

This configuration information includes a list of all hard disks installed on your machine with details about all partitions and volumes. It will be saved as a XML file which most browsers will render in an easy-to-read format.

To save hardware information:

When you create a disk image, a Hardware Info file is created automatically. It is written into the same location as your disk image and has the same file name but with a .XML extension.

You do not need this file to restore data from the disk image. The information in this file reflects the configuration at the moment of creating the image and it may be helpful in the event that you have any difficulty restoring the data.

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