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Main Program Window

To open the main program window, in the main Windows menu select Programs/Active@ Disk Image/ Active@ Disk Image.

The main program window contains a command menu bar, a panel that displays operations and a status bar.

The Tools menu contains a list of the Active@ Disk Image operations. When you hover the mouse pointer over a command, a description of the command appears in the status bar.

In the display panel, when you click one of the operations to select it, a description of the selected operation appears in a description panel, to the left.

Operations in the display panel use wizards to step you through the procedures. The five Backup Operations are functions that you may perform with disk images. The Disk-to-Disk Operation copies data from one disk or partition directly to another disk or partition without making a disk image archive. The Other Operations provide additional services such as viewing an application log and automating the tasks.

To open a wizard dialog, double-click an operation in the display panel or select an operation from the Tools menu.

disk image software main window

List of menu commands





About the status bar

The status bar is at the bottom of the main program window. Here you may view the current status of the application or information about operation commands. When Active@ Disk Image is idle and ready to perform an operation, the status displays "Ready".

To toggle the status bar on and off, from the View menu, click Status Bar.

When you run Active@ Disk Image, the application gathers information about disks and partitions available to the system. During this preliminary operation, the status bar displays "Initializing. . . " and prevents most other operations from starting. If you try to open a wizard before this initializing is finished, Active@ Disk Image shows a message box with the status bar message in it. After initializing is finished, this message box closes automatically and the selected operation is started.

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