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Scheduling a Task

You can automate creating images by creating a task which will run at a scheduled time (for unattended execution).

When disk image software Active@ Disk Image is executing a scheduled task it runs without user interaction and does not have a GUI interface.

If the execution started when a user was logged on, a console window will be shown displaying the progress of the operation being executed. You do not need to be logged on in order to execute a scheduled task.

If the execution has started when a user is not logged on the above mentioned console window will not appear — Disk Image will continue running until the task is finished.

Scheduled backups use a different schema of naming the images.

Every image created automatically is placed in a folder named Backup — <DATETIME> under the main backup folder.

For example, if the backup location is C:\Backups and the backup name is DiskImage, the scheduled backup files created on September 11, 2007 at 3:24pm will be placed in folder C:\Backups\DiskImage\Backup-2007-09-11-1524.
Each scheduled backup may have several copies created at a different time as scheduled, each with its own timestamp.

If two copies of a backup happen to have the same timestamp, the second copy will have "(1)" added to the backup name, i.e. C:\Backups\DiskImage\Backup-2007-09-11-1524(1).

You may control how many previous copies of scheduled backups you want to keep. It is configurable in the Scheduling tab of the Settings dialog.

Selecting 0 means that only the most recent copy will be kept. The previous copies of a scheduled backup are erased only after the current backup is successfully created.

Maximum incremental backups sets the default value for the number of incremental backups in sequence after a full backup. A value of 5 means that a full backup will be created and 5 incremental backups after it, then the sequence repeats again — 1 full and 5 incremental.

Task scheduling is not supported when disk image software Active@ Disk Image is running under Windows PE (from a Boot Disk).

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