2. Operating Procedures

2.7. Using Disk Viewer

Disk Viewer allows you to view any sector on the physical or logical drive. It can also display the file content in hex or text form.

To use Disk Viewer to view drive's raw data:

  • Select the HDD/SSD to view physical sectors or Logical drive to view logical sectors
  • Press [Ctrl]+[V] to open Disk Viewer

To use Disk Viewer to view file data:

  • Select a Logical Disk containing files you are interested in
  • Press [ENTER] to scan the disk, then go through the folder tree and set the marker to the file you are interested in
  • Press the [ENTER] (or select View File Data from View menu) to open Disk Viewer
Disk Image DOS: Disk Viewer

The title displays the object to be viewed and the current sector number will be shown below. The rest of the area displays sector content in Hex view on the left side and Text View on the right side.

  • Use arrows, [HOME], [END] keys to scroll the view
  • Use [Page Down], [Page Up] keys to go to the next/previous sector
  • Press [Ctrl]+[G] to go to a particular sector
  • Press [TAB] key to toggle between Hex view and Text view (available for files only).