Disk Image


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Main Menu Wizard Screen

The main screen provides icons to wizards to start various imaging processes including image creation, restore, disk cloning, viewing logs and scheduling tasks.

Main Menu Wizard

Select Disks and Partitions for Imaging

A list of disks and partitions to be included in an image is displayed in this dialog of the Disk to Image Wizard.

Select Disks and Partitions for Imaging

Backup Disk Image Options

Options such as, different levels of compression, file splitting, password protection and a backup description, are part of the Disk to Image Wizard.

Backup Disk Image Options

Disk Image Creation in Progress

A progress dialog displays the current status of an image while it is being created.

Disk Image Creation in Progress

Schedule Backup Task

The Schedule Task Wizard allows you to schedule an imaging task for automated backup. Daily, weekly, monthly, and system events scenarios are available.

Create Task Wizard Create Task Wizard continue

Active@ Boot Disk Lite (Bootable Rescue Media)

The Bootable Rescue Media screenshot shows the components of Active@ Disk Image used to start an unbootable system to restore a disk image.

The Bootable Rescue Media screen

Active@ Boot Disk Lite Menu

Active@ Boot Disk Creator component allows to create a USB Flash, DVD/CD bootable disk.

Boot Disk Creator

CD Boot Disk Creation in Progress

Boot Disk Creator is writing a bootable CD.

Note: Change BIOS settings to boot from CD/DVD. You may need to enter the BIOS settings and change the boot order sequence to boot from CD/DVD before the hard disk

CD Boot Disk Creation in Progress

Active@ Boot Disk Options

Boot Disk Creator allows you to customize a boot disk by selecting Boot Disk Edition, adding user's files and third-party drivers to the disk or ISO image.

You may also add startup scripts allowing further customization of the Boot Disk environment and select other options like additional language support or time zone.

The meter in the bottom of the screen shows space allocation details.

Active@ Boot Disk Options

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

CD/DVD Tools