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How can I get an update to the latest version of Active@ Disk Image?

If you have an earlier version of Active@ Disk Image installed and you would like to update it, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the program
  2. Download installation package
  3. Install the program

New registration keys may be required depending on how old your previous version was. Up-to-date Registration keys may be obtained by logging into your user profile at our Customer Communications Center or by accessing the download link emailed to you at the time of purchase.

Customer Communications Center

I am not able to download the software after purchasing the annual support. I click on the link "Re-Download", and it keeps returning me to order information page for my order.

The order information page contains a button which reads "Click to E-mail Me Registration Info". Please click this button and an email will be sent to you with your registration keys and download access link.


I have previously purchased an earlier version of the software. Can I download the latest version?

Yes, you may. Please use the download access link that was emailed to you when you purchased the product. Accessing this link to provide you options to get the latest edition. You may also visit our Customer Communications Center to login in with your email address.


I recently purchased the support renewal and immediately checked for an update to my product. It indicated there were no new updates in the UPDATES section of the Customer Support Centre.

Simply go back to the Orders/Downloads section within your profile and click to RE-DOWNLOAD your actual software product. You will automatically be given the latest edition of the software. An email will be sent to you with new registration keys and a download access link.


I just placed an order for your software via PayPal and I have not received my registration keys or access links to the software.

If you have used an e-Check payment method, it can take several days for this transaction to clear through PayPal You may wait for the transaction to clear or you may place a non e-check order through PayPal and contact us at for assistance to cancel the first transaction.


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