Disk Image

User's Guide v.2

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1.Product Overview

1.1. DOS-based backup solution

Active@ Disk Image is a DOS-based solution designed for the complete backup and restoration of a whole HDD/SSD as well as particular FAT / NTFS partitions and logical drives.

You can create compressed and non-compressed raw images (containing all the drive's data - a mirror of the drive's surface stored in one or a set of files) as well as compressed data images (containing only the drive's used clusters). This can save space and increase speed.

A unique feature of Active@ Disk Image is the ability to open disk images and preview files and folders within before image restoration. You can even copy any specific files or folders from the image to another location.

By using Active@ Disk Image you can perform a backup of your PC system to another hard drive or to network server storage and restore it back from there in the event of a system crash or loss of important information. In cases where you are dealing with a disk containing accidentally deleted files you can use Active@ Disk Image to make an image of the disk (snapshot).

You can later try to restore deleted files using data recovery utilities like Active@ UNDELETE or Active@ UNERASER without the risk of overwriting important data on original disk. If your disk starts building up bad clusters (basically falling apart), you can effectively reduse the effect and preserve whatever readable data is on the disk as an image and try to restore data from the image later.

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