Disk Image

User's Guide v.2

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2. Operating Procedures

This chapter explains how to start Active@ Disk Image, how to create a Disk Image, and how to restore from a Disk Image file.

2.1. Preparing a Startup Disk

In order to run Disk Image you must boot in MS-DOS mode. For this you must have a bootable floppy disk containing MS-DOS system files. Another option is to create a bootable CD (if your system has a CD burner and can boot from CD).

For a simple solution, get a utility from our Web site

  1. Download and run the utility named Bootable Floppy Disk Creator for Active@ Disk Image.
  2. Copy Active@ Disk Image (DISK_IMG.EXE) and DOS-extender (DOS4GW.EXE) to the bootable floppy disk.

If you do not wish to download this utility, you may prepare a floppy disk manually from MS-DOS or Windows environments as on the next page.

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