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Creating and Executing Scripts

Besides scheduling backup tasks Active@ Disk Image (Pro version only) offers another way of executing tasks without interacting with the application and using its GUI. It is called scripting.

Using Generate Script wizard you create a script describing the action you would like to perform (creating or restoring image, copying or cloning a disk etc.).

Then you run Active@ Disk Image with special parameters so instead of launching its GUI, it runs in console mode and executes a previously created script.

When creating a script, you are not limited to creating a backup but rather can script any major task - create a backup, create a raw image, restore an image, copy or clone a disk or a partition.

The main benefit of using a script is unattended backup or restore from a batch file. If you have a sophisticated backup scheme based on batch file execution, you may incorporate Active@ Disk Image in it easily through using a script.

When executing a script, Active@ Disk Image runs in console mode and provides output to the same console window it was launched from.

When finished executing a script it returns an error code which can be analyzed further in a batch file to make decisions. User can also interrupt Active@ Disk Image script task by pressing CTRL-C while in console window.

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