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Executing a Script

To execute a script, run disk image software Active@ Disk Image with the /e parameter following by a set of key/values pairs. The /e parameter must be the last in the set of command line parameters.

For example, to execute script file script.dis run the following:

C:\>disk_image.exe /e f=script.dis

If you want to use a set of command line parameters instead of a .DIS file, you would use the command line generated by a script wizard. It may look like this:

C:\>disk_image.exe /e a=create bn="DiskImage5" bl="G:\DiskImage5\" 
c=1 fs=0 s1=37eb37ea:63 s2=37eb37ea:311291505 s3=37eb37ea:413689815 
s4=37eb37ea:618486435 s5=cc07cc07:63 s6=cc07cc07:204796620 
s7=cc07cc07:205198245 s8=cc07cc07:205602816 

Keep in mind that in both cases you have to use a correct version of disk image executable: disk_image.exe for 32-bit environment or disk_image_x64.exe for 64-bit. You should run Active@ Disk Image from the path where it is installed.

When executing a script Active@ Disk Image creates a console window which is used for program output. If you are running Active@ Disk Image from your batch file, this can be inconvenient as it will launch a separate console window. To change this behavior and use existing console window of cmd.exe run disk backup software Active@ Disk Image with parameter /c:

C:\>disk_image.exe /c /e f=script.dis

When launched in script mode Active@ Disk Image first parses provided parameters, then executes a task and reports the result. During the execution phase you may interrupt the process by pressing CTRL-C when the console window is in focus. It has the same effect as clicking Cancel button when running the application in GUI mode.

Upon finishing execution of the script, Active@ Disk Image outputs the result into the console and exits with a return code. You may analyze the return code in your batch file to detect successful or failed execution. Disk image software Active@ Disk Image may return the following values:

0 - Success
1 - Completed with warnings
2 - Completed with errors
100 - Failed
101 - Canceled
102 - Feature not supported
103 - Bad parameters
104 - Cannot create folder
105 - Cannot start thread
106 - Cannot lock volume
107 - Target folder not empty
108 - Failed open image

Return codes below 100 are generally considered successful.

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